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This place is something else...

It's not the suburbs. It's not the inner city. Ten minutes from downtown, you will feel like you’ve left the urban jungle but you haven’t left civilization.

Here, everything is within easy reach, including good schools, shops, restaurants, cafés, entertainment and even offices. You also get miles of trails, acres of parks and real neighborhoods full of homes in all shapes, colors and sizes. And it’s got an undeniably cool vibe all its own. It doesn’t feel like anyplace else. It’s good. It’s fresh. It’s Stapleton. And it just feels different.

Less SUB ::  More  URB

It’s been called traditional neighborhood development. It’s been called new urbanism. Whatever you call it, there’s a reason neighborhoods were built this way for hundreds of years: It works.

Borrowing from places like Washington Park and Cherry Creek, much of Stapleton’s architecture is inspired by great, old Denver neighborhoods. (And much is totally new, inspired Denver living, altogether.) With garages in back, porches in front and sidewalks made for walking, Stapleton is prime commercial real estate and residential real estate coexisting in perfect harmony—with shops, dining and the great outdoors right at your doorstep. The way neighborhoods used to be. The way they should be.
But there are some advantages to creating a new community, too. That’s why conservation, preservation and sustainability were also part of our vision from the beginning. At Stapleton, we're committed to green building. Every new home isEnergy Star®-certified as of mid-2006. That means lower greenhouse gas emissions (and lower utility bills). Plus, everything’s pretty close so you don’t have to drive as much. Walking and cycling are the preferred modes of transportation around Stapleton.

And when it comes to recycling, we’ve recycled an entire airport — right down to turning the runway concrete into our own “Staplestone” to build bridges and bike paths. Leftover framing materials are turned into mulch. In the future, recycled water will be used to irrigate our major park areas. Sustainability is just another part of the story that makes residents of Stapleton proud to call it home. A place built green. And built to last.

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